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Domino S Series Laser Printer

The S-Series scribing laser printers use CO2 laser technology to produce indelible permanent marking on a variety of substrates. The S-Series has been developed to offer a simple, high quality and cost efficient, coding solution that is capable of printing onto a variety of substrates such as paper, plastic, glass and cartons.

S Series Information

Domino DSL1 (Scribing Laser)

The DSL1 scribing laser offers high performance coding, superior quality and creates an indelible, permanent mark that does not smear, peel or fade away. The DSL1 is ideal for marking on substrates such as paper, cartons, plastics and glass.



DSL1  Information

Domino DDC3 Dot Matrix Laser

The DDC3 Dot Matrix printer sets new standards of reliability and versatility.   Using a proprietary seven-laser tube system, the DDC3 offers unrivalled speed and creates an indelible, permanent mark onto a variety of substrates that include paper, cartons, plastics, glass and many more. 

Seven laser tube technology gives unrivalled speed.  High reliability due to no moving parts    Designed specifically for the beverage industry bottling lines.  Prints 2 lines of code up to 400m/minute (72,000 bottles per hour). 

DDC3  Information