RFID  -  Radio Frequency Identification
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Domino RFID Literature  (150KB PDF)

  RFID makes the job easier with product identification, and shipping and receiving identification.  With a simple pass of a reader, your and your customer will know exactly every box that is on the pallet by its individual serial number.  No more lost or mishandled product.  No more worries about a readable barcode for 20 feet.

Use it for security.  With RFID on the ball, driver pilferage will come to a dead stop.  You will know when a case of goods is missing in the warehouse, and what it is and where it was scheduled to go.

  Customers keep increasing the requirements and demands they place on their vendors.  We understand this at PDC,  
  Our Systems Integration department is ready to help you with your RFID requirements.  We offer the following systems independently or in any combination using the same controller and input device:  
   Ink Jet information printing on corrugated, plastics, glass, metal, etc  
   Laser printing on chipboard, glass, plastics, etc.  
   High resolution printed barcodes  
   Apply only labelers for pre-printed labels printed with information or barcodes or both  
   Print & apply labelers that tamp on the top, one or two sides or corner wrap  
   RFID tag applicators that programs and applies the tag  
   RFID tag embedded in print & apply labels. Systems program, print and apply the label  
  RFID tag readers and inventory systems  
   Test kits for RFID tags  
   Barcode verification  
   Video verification with handshakes to printer controllers  
The common system is an ink jet printed box with a RFID tag.  Some vendors still require the barcode on white backing, so add a barcode to the system using a small print & apply or an apply only integration machine. 
We offer RFID systems that verify the tag before placement on the product, then verify the tag a second time before exiting the system.  Verification before placement saves on rework product, and the second verification is insurance that your customer will be happy.