Columbia Okura A-1600 Robotic Palletizer
  Description   High Speed Robotic Palletizer

The Columbia Okura A1600 robotic palletizer is simple to use and is easily introduced into any existing production configuration.   The electric servo-drive, 4 axis, high-speed A-1600 robot turns any task into a simple operation.,

  Maximum Load   140 kg / 310 lbs
  Maximum Reach   2641 mm /  103 inches
  Applications    - Packaging  (Primary)
 - Palletizing, Depalletizing & Order Picking
 - Assembly
 - Bags or Cartons
Download Datasheet  (3157KB PDF)
  Feature Details      
  Benefit Details      
Four axis, multi-articulated system
RC 522 next generation "feed forward" controls system
140kg / 310lbs load capacity
Brushless AC servo design
Three-in-one arm tool handles products, pallets, and slip sheets
New compact body design
Large working envelope


Fastest cycle times in robot class
Windows-based software allows quick and easy pattern creation
High reliability and low maintenance requirements
Reduces production costs by handling various stacking items with the same arm tool
Palletizes in settings with low ceilings and limited working area
Large working envelope
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