ITW/ Mima Cobra 22 Semi-Automatic


Free Standing Overhead Stretch Wrapper


  • No weight limits—loads are wrapped right on the floor
  • Freestanding design for easier relocation
  • Accu-Stretch™ powered pre-stretch provides optimum film economy
  • Positive, non-slip V-belt for consistent rotation speed and easy maintenance
  • Angled carriage allows wrapping within 2-1/2" above the floor to secure loads to pallets


    The Cobra 22 is designed for efficient and economical pallet wrapping in low to medium volume applications. Rugged, heavy-duty metal construction is built for durability, reliability and years of dependable service.

Pallets remain stationary during the wrap cycle, which allows for a wide variety of loads to be wrapped. Even unstable, heavy or light loads can be wrapped.