ITW/ Mima Cobra 32 Semi-Automatic


Free Standing Overhead Stretch Wrapper


  • No weight limits—loads are wrapped right on the floor
  • Freestanding design for easier relocation
  • Eliminates turntable maintenance and replacement parts
  • Accu-Stretch™ powered pre-stretch provides optimum film economy
  • Worm gear drive and dual V-belt design give carriage arm high output torque
  • Angled carriage allows wrapping within 2-1/2" above the floor to secure loads to pallets
  • Allen Bradley PLC technology with Panel View operator interface


    For total load versatility choose the original Cobra. The Mima 32 model offers the benefits of the stretch wrapper known world-wide for fast, effective, trouble-free load unitization, yet is conveniently space saving and economical. The Cobra design helps you work more efficiently by combining a versatile overhead style design with a powerful film delivery system. Stretch film is rotated smoothly around the load, rather than turning the load itself. This makes the Cobra ideal for even the most difficult loads. Cobra can easily wrap loads that are too heavy for turntables; loads that are too light and therefore unstable when turning; and loads that are “C” type (irregular) and too unbalanced for turntable rotations.