ITW/ Mima Raptor 4.45 Automatic


Automatic Conveyorized Turntable Stretch Wrapper


  • Wraps up to 45 loads per hour
  • Supports 4,000-pound loads on 3-1/2" rollers
  • Every roller driven loop to loop
  • Pneumatic film heat seal eliminates loose “tails”
  • Fixed level, powered film pre-stretch
  • Rapid threading, extended shaft rollers


    Powered conveyors and increased wrapping speed give the Raptor 4.45 the edge when it comes to continuous turntable stretch wrapping. This conveyor system moves up to 4,000-pound loads across 3-1/2 inch rollers and wraps them at turntable speeds up to 16 RPM.

The wrapping process is automated while labor is limited to loading and unloading pallets at the infeed and exit sections. Increased horse power and a thicker turntable plate ensure dependable endurance for higher volume load unitization.