Replacement Inks
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  We stock ink, make-up fluid and cleaners manufactured by both ITW/Loveshaw and Squid Ink.
  Drop-On-Demand (DOD) Inks and Cleaners We stock water-based and solvent-based DOD inks for use in printers manufactured by Squid Ink, Diagraph, Loveshaw Little David, Marsh and Videojet (Marconi), Matthews and others. Customers using Squid Ink DOD fluids experience longer machine life, less downtime and lower maintenance costs than when they used competitive products.
  Hi-Res Inks and Cleaners Squid Ink’s hi-res ink is compatible with the glycol formulations used in hi-res printers manufactured by Diagraph, Foxjet®, ITI®, Marsh and Videojet (Marconi), Matthews, Willett and other OEMs using the Trident print engine. Our ink is formulated to meet or exceed the specifications and performance of OEM ink.
  Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Make-Up Fluids We stock quality replacement make-up fluids for CIJ printers manufactured by Domino, Imaje, Linx®, Videojet (Marconi) and Willett. Our make-ups offer a quality alternative at a much lower price by eliminating excessive OEM overhead costs which are passed on to the user.
  Roller Coder Inks and Cleaners Squid Ink has roller coder ink for both porous and non-porous applications using reservior ink systems. Current customers appreciate a high quality ink specifically designed for their application at a fair price.