Plastics Distributors Company specializes in stretch films.  We are the largest stocking film distributor in the mid south.  As you know, stretch films come in many different styles and brands.  Paragon Films is the pioneer leader in the new high strength technology films that are available on the market today.  We are always happy to customize products to meet your most demanding applications. 

While the older films are still available, the newer technologies allows you to use less film, saves you money, provides the same or better load retentions as older technology films, and reduces landfill waste.  Please view our chart below and see the differences, then call us for a first hand demonstration to show you our value added approach.

We offer the following:

Pre-Stretched Stretch Film  - This film is already stretched to just below its

Hand Grade Stretch Film  - This film is usually applied with a hand applicator.  It is packaged 4 rolls to the case.  We sell it by the case, or pallet.  Bulk pallets are also available.

Machine Grade Stretch Film  - This film is applied by a machine to achieve the best pre-stretch and force to load results.  These films are also sold in colors to help with inventory control.  UV protection is also an option.  Single sided cling, cast and blown films are stocked as well.

Paragon's New Ultimate Force Film - Combining years of manufacturing experience, advanced extrusion technology and blending of high grade resin, Paragon, once again leads the industry with a new innovative product. Ultimate Force derives its performance from proprietary blending and layering of the highest quality resins available. With stretch levels in excess of 300% and puncture resistance never before seen in thin gauge films, Ultimate Force creates a worry free package. Although it excels in fully automated systems, Ultimate Force also delivers the perfect load containment for any application. As with all Paragon products, Ultimate Force is backed by a performance guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

Stretch Netting  - When you have an application that needs air flow, as in produce, seafood and other perishable products.

We also stock pallet covers, top sheets, slip sheets, and hooder films.


  The new way to look at film costs


The chart to the right shows the differences in old and new technology films.

The newer multi-layered films allow the end user to use less film while maintaining the same retained tension on the load.  As a result less 40% less film usage, resulting in considerable savings to the customer.  While it is true the newer technology films may cost 5-10% more per pound of film, the 40% savings well offsets the additional cost.

These charts are provided by Atlantis Plastics.

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