Utility Knives, Cutters, Label Dispensers, Stretch Film Dispensers
MIP-2600, MIP-2700, MIP-2800 MIP-2600 (left)
Utility Knife with Scoring Blade
MIP-2700 (center)
Utility Knife with Thumb Rest
MIP-2800 (right)
Utility Knife with Break-Away Blade
MIP-2900 MIP-2900
Pen Knife with Break-Away Blade
Cutters, Knives, Label Dispensers, Stretch Film Dispensers
MIP-700 MIP-700
Poly Strap Pull Cutter
MIP-820 MIP-820
Strech Film Cutter
Label Dispensers, Knives, Cutters, Stretch Film Dispensers
MIP-2400 MIP-2400
4 Inch Label Dispenser
MIP-2500 MIP-2500
6 Inch Label Dispenser

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