Random Case Sealers
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ITW / Loveshaw Random Legend TB


Min:  4 1/2" high x 5 1/2" wide x 6" length

Max: 24" high x 22" wide x Infinite length

Conveyor height minimum 22-1/4"

UL Listed

2" Tape head only

Optional: Head Limiter

Optional: Exit table


The Random Legend Top & Bottom (TB) is the latest addition to the case sealer line. Top and bottom belt drives make it ideal for handling tall, unstable, and void-filled boxes, as well as overstuffed boxes. The machine can instantly change from light to over-filled boxes with the flip of a switch. Safety features include a single enclosed mast for easy accessibility and a head that locks in place if air or power is removed.


ITW / Loveshaw Random Legend


Min  3" high x 4 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" length

Max: 24" high x 22" wide x Infinite length

UL Listed

2" Tape head only

Optional: Extended mast for 34" high box

Optional: Rear standard roller pack table


Loveshaw once again has set the standard!
The Random Legend has a single mast, enclosed head lifting cylinder, head raising air switch and comes standard with extended side rails, and a roller in-feed table with integrated roller switch to operate rails.



Random Legend TB Literature  (340KB PDF)

Random Legend Literature  (118KB PDF)









ITW / Loveshaw LD-16R


Heavy Duty 7 gauge steel construction

Nema 12 electrical enclosure

Allen Bradley PLC controlled

Servo controller

Flight bar drive

Head limiter

Fully interlocking safety gates

UL Listed

Standard: 2" tape head

Optional: 3" tape head

Optional: Stainless steed

Speed: 10 CPM


A totally random and automatic top and bottom case sealer.  This system is recommended for the production line with various box sizes.  Great machine for combining 2 or more production lines with dissimilar cases.




LD-16R Literature  (86KB PDF)










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