Automatic Hooder Machines
Stretch and Shrink Wrapping / Shrink Bag

Stretch Hooder

Shrink Wrapping Hooder







Mollers Stretch Hooder


Rate:  Up to 80 Loads/hour

Film gathered and stretched over load

No Heaters required

A/B processor w/ touch display

Soft Start/Stop DC conveyors

Bag and bucket lines


Mollers Shrink Wrap Hooder


Rate: up to 60 loads/hr

Film gathered and pulled over load

Choice of electric or gas heat

A/B processor w/ touch display

A/C variable frequency drives

Bag and bucket lines


Mollers Stretch Hooder Information

Mollers Shrink Wrap Hooder Information










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Plastics Distributors Co. is the authorized installation and repair center for above equipment.   For more information call PDC at:

1.800.462.9661 / 1.504.525.1961


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