HWA Automatic Shrink Wrapping Hooder Machine - Möllers
  Using the Möllers Automatic Shrink Wrapping Hooder Machine to apply shrink wrap helps ensure a highly-effective and adaptable method of protecting and securing a wide variety of unit loads during shipping.  Depending on your working environment, Möllers shrink wrapping systems are available with either electric or gas heated shrink frames.  Electric shrink frames are ideal where gas shouldn't be used for safety reasons.

Palletized goods are subjected to extreme forces during shipping and need to be protected against collapse, distortion, interlocking with adjacent loads, theft, and even the elements.  The use of shrink or stretch film is an ecologically and economically sound method of protecting pallet loads.  Möllers wrapping systems ensure minimum use of packing materials, while providing exceptional protection.


  • Wraps up to 60 loads per hour - based on load height
  • Patented FSA tubular over-head film wrapping machine makes its own bag from the roll of film, according to load height - thus eliminating waste.
  • Shrink wrapping lines can be equipped with either gas or electric heating systems.
  • Patented non-contact system for film guidance prevents displacement of light packages or damage to the film or corners of the load
  • Under pallet shrink reinforces the bond between the load and the pallet, increasing stability.
Mollers Shrink Wrap Hooder Literature (2451 KB PDF)
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